Commodore c 128 power brick for commodore 64

Well, I do not trust the C64 PSU a single bit. It outputs to much on the 5 volt line, and if you ask me it was designed with 220V in mind not 240V. This issue seems not to apply to USA users.

Anyhow, there have been reports in the past, that there is failure caused by bad PSU.

Old mem chips designed for 5 V working on higher voltages, not a good idea.

Since I had this much heavier C128 CPU in bad shape, I decided to hack it ready for the C64. Here are a few pics.

I started with a paint job, the reason is obvious, then soldered the wires to the back and added an old psu lead.

Please remember to messure the voltages with a multimeter. Any mistake will kill your equipent very fast.